Kudos for Herbs From Home


Very large fabulous buds!  M.

Thank you for your super fast shipping of my order. Your specification sheet was so impressive. Thanks for sending it with my order. I appreciate your dedication in being a Wildcrafter.     Heather G.

Just wanted you to know that the salve worked great. Thank you so much for suggesting those herbs and giving me all your instructions for its use.  Barbara

I got the package today! They look great! Thanks! Michelle T.

FAST shipping! Thank you so much for the case sheet!  Wanda T.

Amazing quality, high attention to detail. I will be back! Thank You!  L. Berb

Super quick shipping!  Diane

Lightening fast shipping. Wonderful item. Honest seller!!! Thank you!!! Penelope T.

As you might remember, we purchased some Oplopanax horridus from you early last year.   Thanks for you kind help, we’ve done some successful phytochemical investigation of those materials.   Xin L.

I just love that you a running a family business and I feel that's so important and must be of great happiness to you all to be working together and I'd like to support you in that.  Thanks again it was a very kind gesture of you showing me you are a genuine nice person and I'd feel you picking those buds would be filled with positive and happiness.....  Joanne H.