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Late May 2019

Out in the woods near San Poil River. So many plants waking up - it's springtime!!!   Strong medicine in the young plants right now - I could feel the nettle sting on my skin for days after this trip.  Found some lovely tender white willow branches, nettles, chickweed and arnica.  Stripped the willow for my mom to make tinctures - such an amazing fresh smell that bark has.  


First Week of May 2019

Hello - thanks so much for visiting our website and reading my blurb! 
I want to keep people in the loop about what we are currently up to out in the field.  Last weekend while out harvesting wild asparagus (yum) we found a very prolific lomatium patch.  Dug a few roots and am now in the process of drying / preparing for storage.  Lomatium is well-known for growing in less than favorable environmental conditions - it seems like the worse the terrain the better this plant likes it.  Think high mountain tops where the wind blows at mock speeds along with sandy and rocky ground.  Tough digging....  But last weekend we happened to be in a very sandy area near the river and the lomatium root just popped out.  Amazing.  :)  I even found a couple of cute little lizards who seemed to love this plant as much as I!  
I'll check back in again soon - if you have any questions about my harvesting please reach out using our contact form - we'd would love to hear from you.