Arrowhead Balsam Root
Arrowhead Balsam Root - Leaves (Upper & Lower)
Arrowhead Balsam Root
Arrowhead Balsam Root - after we stripped the bark


In Stock Now - Spring 2019 Harvest
Custom Orders Only
$8 / oz.

Botanical Name:  Balsamorhiza sagittata
Common name:  Balsam Root, Arrowleaf Balsam Root
Family:  Asteraceae (Sunflower)
Medicinal Parts Used:  Leaves, Roots

Want to place a custom order?  please contact us to place a custom order for the Spring 2019 harvest of Arrowleaf Balsamroot.  Please be sure to specify your custom needs (i.e., leaves, roots, dried or fresh).  Arrowleaf Balsamroot is wildcrafted by Herbs From Home in the Pacific Northwest during late spring through fall.  Leaves are harvested in late spring through midsummer and the root harvest extends from late spring through fall. 

Sustainable harvesting.  No pollution.  No pesticides.  

Leaves are cleaned, bundled and hung to dry.  We can sell you the leaves in cut or powdered form.  

Roots are dug up, cleaned, cut up, and dried.  Roots may also be available for sale in fresh form depending on our harvest - please contact us.  

Shipping Details:  Packages are shipped via USPS Priority (includes tracking & insurance) within 24-48 hours of order.  Please contact me for overnight or international shipping options / estimates.