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Dried Cottonwood Buds
2018-2019 Winter Harvest - Out of Stock.
$7 / oz

Sorry we are currently out of stock :(  
Next harvest is scheduled to begin in January 2020.  

Please contact us to place an order - we can provide a variety of shipping options to fit your needs (and pocketbook).  Local pickup available in the Seattle or Okanogan Valley areas.  

Botanical Name:  Populus balsamifera, P. trichocarpa
Common name:  Black Cottonwood, Balm of Gilead, Western Balsam Poplar
Family:  Salicaceae (Willow)
Harvest:  These cottonwood buds are wildcrafted in rural mountainous area in the Pacific Northwest during the winter months (generally December thru March). We concentrate on sustainable harvesting of just the healthy plump resin-filled leaf buds.
No pollution.  No pesticides.
These cottonwood buds are stored immediately in the freezer after picking, and then shipped to Arizona for the air-drying process which usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the air temperatures.  A case sheet is included with each order indicating harvest details (elevation, air temp, harvest location, etc.).

Shipping Details:  
Packages are shipped via USPS Priority (includes tracking & insurance) within 24-48 hours of order.  Please contact us for overnight or international shipping estimates.