Mullein - Photo by Herbs From Home


$5.30 / oz. Flowers
$2.00 / oz Leaves

2019 Summer Harvest In Progress
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Botanical Name:  Verbascum thapsus
Common name:  Mullein, woolly mullein, velvet mullein, blanket mullein, beggar's blanket, Moses' blanket, poor man's blanket, Our Lady's blanket, old man's blanket, feltwort, and flannel.
Family:  Scrophulariaceae (Snapdragon Family)
Medicinal Parts Used:  Flower Blossoms and Leaves

Would you like to place a custom order?  Please send us a message to place a custom order for Mullein.  Mullein is sustainably harvested and dried by Herbs From Home in the Pacific Northwest during summer through early fall.  No pollution. No pesticides.  Along with your order you will receive a case sheet with harvesting / drying details.

Shipping Details:  Packages are shipped via USPS Priority (includes tracking & insurance) within 24-48 hours of order.  Please contact me for overnight or international shipping options / estimates.